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Microsoft Edge


Modernize your Windows Server apps with containers

7:15 pm to 7:45 pm EST Taylor Brown (Speaker), Muzz Imam (Demos) App works fine, but stuck in an older app model. Rewrite the whole thing. Try a new deployment model. Rewrite parts of it. Containerize it. Use a registry. CI/CD Deploy to Kubernetes cluster. IBuySpy SQL Server IIS Create a Dockerfile Like writing down …

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Scott Guthrie Keynote

Solutions built with Azure. 61 Azure Regions now! More than AWS & Google combined. New DCs in Israel, Mexico, Spain, Poland, New Zealand. Helping with COVID-19. Amanda Silver joined, CVP for VS Family and Developer Tools. Donovan Brown Virtual Standup – Sunrise Standup app. (Is that the name?) Azure Static Webapp. Azure Functions. Sunrise app. …

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Q&A with Seth Juarez

WSL2 Scott Hanselman discussing. Windows Terminal Kayla Cinnamon. v1.0 out today! Scott’s tutorial on PowerLine in Windows Terminal, git branches, etc. winget New Windows Package Manager. Install Windows Terminal. Alt-Space is Run PowerToy. Maddy Leger Mirror iOS Hot Reload and Hot Restart Plugged in phone to laptop

MS Build – Scott Hanselman Keynote

FancyZones PowerToy Launcher is Alt-Space Kayla Cinnamon joined ASCII Azure Regions in Windows Terminal ( Script to setup PowerToys (KC), Terminal, etc. Windows Package Manager: WinGet Winget Package Manifests on GitHub > winget install terminal He’s running Terminal 1.0.1401 (?) He ran gimp as part of the preview of the next release WSL2. Preview: …

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