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Media Players to Consider

Windows AIMP (Winamp style) foobar2000 musicbee Not media monkey: didn’t handle 80,000 songs Sources: Reddit

Installing beets to Manage My Audio Tags

Yesterday, I spent a long time learning how to use MusicBrainz Picard. Today, I discovered beets on Reddit. So, I decided to install it on Windows. Note: This assumes you have chocolatey installed. Now just type beet at the command prompt to use it.  Read the documentation for more information. Also, download beets.reg and modify …

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Convert WAV files to FLAC

The easiest way that I’ve found to convert your WAV audio files to FLAC format so they’re compressed without losing any audio quality is to do the following: Make sure you have Chocolatey installed (which should be on your machine already. ? ) Open an elevated PowerShell prompt and run the following command:

Now change to …

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Convert MKV videos to MP4

It seems like a lot of people do this with Handbrake.  However, from my recent reading, it seems like the better option is to use VidCoder.  I may update this post soon with further details as I try the software out. Rob

Making Image Backgrounds Transparent with Paint.Net

I found this solution on the web site: I use the Bucket (fill) with a full transparent color. Set the foreground to white and fully transparent, i.e. RGB all = 255, Transparency – Alpha = 0 Set the background to white and not transparent, i.e. RGB all = 255, Transparency – Alpha = 255 …

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