MS Build – Scott Hanselman Keynote

  1. FancyZones PowerToy
    1. Launcher is Alt-Space
  2. Kayla Cinnamon joined
    1. ASCII Azure Regions in Windows Terminal (
    2. Script to setup PowerToys (KC), Terminal, etc.
    3. Windows Package Manager: WinGet
      1. Winget Package Manifests on GitHub
    4. > winget install terminal
    5. He’s running Terminal 1.0.1401 (?)
    6. He ran gimp as part of the preview of the next release WSL2.
      1. Preview: Hardware accelerated workloads via GPU.
    7. He (she?) made their cursors have their pictures.
    8. Teams: @Code Conversations bot.
      1. Now add code snippet, e.g. Console.WriteLine(“…”);
      2. Uses .NET Interactive.
    9. She hid files on his machine.
    10. Go into Linux filesystem in Windows Explorer.
    11. She left a file with C# snippets on his machine.
    12. @Code Conversations bot.
      1. Has a formatter included.
      2. Shuffled and visualized the card deck from her code.
  3. GitHub – Nat Friedman joined
    1. npm
  4. Allison Buchholtz-Au joined
    1. Codespaces
      1. OliveTracker app
      2. Olive is her dog
      1. Click green Code button, select “Open in Codespace”.
      2. Takes care of all of the setup for you. (?)
    3. It looks like VS Code.
    4. Takes a while, but much faster than setting up a dev box.
    5. Turn on Preferences Sync.
      1. Still in preview.
      2. Syncs with VS Code!
    6. dependabot-preview
      1. Go check this out!
      2. Pulls release notes for you.
      3. Shows commits.
      4. You can merge a pull request.
    7. Run from Codespaces.
      1. Go to the Debug icon on the left.
      2. It forwards the port to your local browser.
      3. Private Preview:
    8. LiveShare extension
      1. Username olivef
      2. They are collaborating while she’s on VS 2019!
  5. He’s got a cool VS desktop theme.
    1. Find out what this is.
    2. He’s running on his Mac.  Is it available for Windows?
  6. New Git experience in the latest VS 2019 and Preview.
  7. (not sure about this URL)
  8. Maddy Leger joined.
    1. Sent Scott a LiveShare link in the Teams chat.
    2. She’s showing a Xamarin iPhone mobile app.
      1. Also targeting Android.
    3. .NET Standard project.
    4. Xamarin Forms.
    5. Hot Restart to redeploy to the phone.
    6. Connected over a cable (I think she said).
    7. We can see her iPhone mirrored on the desktop.
      1. How did she do this?
    8. She mentioned vertical tabs in VS.
      1. Look into this.
    9. Use <dualscreen Pane1> and <dualscreen Pane2> for multiscreen devices.
    10. Scott went into WSL2, ran tensorflow on Linux against GPU (Cuda).
    11. Seeing the performance in Task Manager.  You can see memory and processor usage of his GPU.
    12. It detected cars in his video, etc.
    13. Sharing a whiteboard on Teams.
  9. Panos Panay joined the call.
    1. Scott faded out on him.  It was funny!