November 2013 archive

ALM Readiness Treasure Map Status and Future (Arrr!)

Pirate Ship

Hello, fellow pirates!  Hopefully you have had a chance to use version 2.0 of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map application  and are enjoying the improvements that it brought over v1.0.  Our team has been working on even more improvements in v2.1, primarily around Windows 8.1 compatibility. If you’ve been living on an ALM-free island and …

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Debugging VS2013 Websites Using 64-bit IIS Express

6 April 2016 Update: Added the correct values for VS 2015. If you are working on ASP.NET MVC web sites in Visual Studio 2013 (VS 2013) or 2015 (VS 2015), you need to make one registry change if you want to run IIS (Internet Information Services) Express as a 64-bit process by default.  Use one …

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