Reversing a string in C++

Remember that reversing a string in C++ is this easy:

Verifying File Hashes with PowerShell

I recently wanted to verify the hash of a file, named setup.exe, that was provided in a GnuPG signature file, named setup.txt.

I used the PowerShell code below to verify the expected SHA-256 hash contained within the setup.txt file against the actual hash of the setup.exe file. You can use this script by modifying the first two lines for your needs, i.e. the filenames.

This code/script was modified from

Note that the GnuPG signature file, i.e. setup.txt, had the following format:

I also used regex help from:

  1. regex – Regular Expression to select everything before and up to a particular text – Stack Overflow.
  2. java – Getting the text that follows after the regex match – Stack Overflow

Run Azure PowerShell in a Docker Container

You can run the latest image version of using the following command:

You can also run a specific version of Azure PowerShell using the following command:

If you want to just download and pull the images from the official Microsoft Container Registry (MCR) you can just run the docker pull commands.

Pull a specific version of Azure PowerShell using the following command:

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Jupyter Notebooks, Windows, and WSL


eBike Information

  1. Higher Voltage Battery = More Speed1
  2. Higher Ah (i.e. amp hours = capacity) Battery = More Range1
  3. The controller needs to be able to handle the higher voltage. Check your controller to find out what its max is.1
  4. 48V x 14 Ah = 672 Wh (watt hours)1
  5. On a bicycle, the cogset or cluster[1] is the set of multiple sprockets that attaches to the hub on the rear wheel. A cogset works with a rear derailleur to provide multiple gear ratios to the rider. Cogsets come in two varieties, freewheels or cassettes, of which cassettes are a newer development. Although cassettes and freewheels perform the same function and look almost the same when installed, they have important mechanical differences and are not interchangeable.2DOST uses freewheel (instead of cassette)?
    1. Specialized uses cassette.
  6. 10 things to know before purchasing an eBike in 2020
    1. How long is the warranty? (TODO: Check DOST)
    2. 750W motor will fly up any hill with throttle only and get to top speed very quickly.
      1. Wattage is not always equal. Depends on the motor.
  7. Look into Cloud 9 seats on Amazon, around $30.



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