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Get SQL Server Version/Edition Information

Just connect to the database in which you are interested, open a new query window, and enter the following query:

For me, this produced the following:

Using EF 4.1 Code First without SQL Express

I began following Julie Lerman’s excellent tutorials on getting started with Entity Framework (EF) version 4.1 and the Code First technique of generated databases on the MSDN web site.  However, the defaults for Code First expect you to have SQL Server Express installed for the examples to work.  I was able to get EF Code First to …

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Enable SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to Overwrite Table Designs

By default, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) will not let you save changes to the designs of your tables.  When you attempt to do so, it wants you to drop and re-create the table.  You will typically see a dialog similar to the following: However, SSMS will actually let you perform such a change without …

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Howto make MySQL & Entity Framework work with your website when your hosting company does not have Connector/Net installed

I installed MySQL’s Connector/Net v6.2 on my dev machine and used the Entity Framework to query a MySQL server without any problems.  Then I uploaded the same code to my hosting company’s server and I kept getting errors telling me “Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider”.  In order to make it work, …

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