June 2011 archive

Solved: The (Visual Studio) project file * has been moved, renamed or is not on your computer.

I renamed my Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) Solution (.sln) and Project (.vcxproj) files today.  When I opened the Solution, it could not find the Project file, thinking it was still in the old location.  To solve this, I had to exit VS2010, delete the project’s .suo file, restart VS2010, open the Solution, and then re-add …

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Display Unicode Characters on the Windows Console

Even in today’s mostly-Unicode world on Windows, the console (i.e. cmd.exe) still defaults to using OEM code pages (i.e. multibyte characters).  To set the console to Unicode mode, use the following code:

This information came from two great articles by Michael Kaplan: Conventional wisdom is retarded, aka What the @#%&* is _O_U16TEXT? Anyone who …

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Always prefix a Unicode plain text file with a byte order mark

This comes from the MSDN page entitled “Using Byte Order Marks”. Byte order mark Description EF BB BF UTF-8 FF FE UTF-16, little endian FE FF UTF-16, big endian FF FE 00 00 UTF-32, little endian 00 00 FE FF UTF-32, big-endian

How to install VC++ update KB2455033

Head to the Visual C++ Team’s blog entry entitled “MS11-025 Visual C++ Update Issue“, scroll down to the section entitled “Visual Studio 2010 RTM with Windows SDK”, and follow the instructions there.  For completeness sake, here they are: If you have Visual Studio 2010 RTM and Windows SDK 7.1 installed on an x64 machine, then …

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