August 2011 archive

Where to Store Your PowerShell Profiles

I recently decided to get on the PowerShell bandwagon again (after starting many times and then forgetting “everything”), so I went to Scott Hanselman’s blog about using the Visual Studio environment from the PowerShell prompt. I followed everything in his article except where I was supposed to store my profile (i.e. startup script) for PowerShell.  It …

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Using EF 4.1 Code First without SQL Express

I began following Julie Lerman’s excellent tutorials on getting started with Entity Framework (EF) version 4.1 and the Code First technique of generated databases on the MSDN web site.  However, the defaults for Code First expect you to have SQL Server Express installed for the examples to work.  I was able to get EF Code First to …

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Where TFS Connections Are Stored

I am migrating from one dev machine to another and wanted to export/import my TFS connections for Visual Studio 2010.  It turns out they are all stored in the following registry key:

If you’re looking for the Visual Studio 2008 entries, they are located here: