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Reversing a string in C++

Remember that reversing a string in C++ is this easy:

Verifying File Hashes with PowerShell

I recently wanted to verify the hash of a file, named setup.exe, that was provided in a GnuPG signature file, named setup.txt. I used the PowerShell code below to verify the expected SHA-256 hash contained within the setup.txt file against the actual hash of the setup.exe file. You can use this script by modifying the …

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Run Azure PowerShell in a Docker Container

You can run the latest image version of using the following command: You can also run a specific version of Azure PowerShell using the following command: If you want to just download and pull the images from the official Microsoft Container Registry (MCR) you can just run the docker pull commands. Pull a specific version …

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Jupyter Notebooks, Windows, and WSL

eBike Information

Higher Voltage Battery = More Speed1 Higher Ah (i.e. amp hours = capacity) Battery = More Range1 The controller needs to be able to handle the higher voltage. Check your controller to find out what its max is.1 48V x 14 Ah = 672 Wh (watt hours)1 On a bicycle, the cogset or cluster[1] is the set of multiple sprockets that …

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