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MS Build – Scott Hanselman Keynote

FancyZones PowerToy Launcher is Alt-Space Kayla Cinnamon joined ASCII Azure Regions in Windows Terminal ( Script to setup PowerToys (KC), Terminal, etc. Windows Package Manager: WinGet Winget Package Manifests on GitHub > winget install terminal He’s running Terminal 1.0.1401 (?) He ran gimp as part of the preview of the next release WSL2. Preview: …

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MS Build – Satya’s Keynote

Topics to investigate further: Azure Arc Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes Azure Synapse Teams Fluid Canvas Microsoft announces Fluid Framework at Build 2019 Project Reunion Project Reunion is an evolution of the Windows developer platform that will make it more compatible, agile, modern and open.  Microsoft to unify Windows desktop and UWP apps with new Project Reunion

MS Build 2020 Intro Session

Hosted by Dona Sarkar and Seth Juarez. Here is the Microsoft Build 2020 Book of News, which has links to all of the big Build 2020 announcements. Go check out the following information: Go find Instafluff on Twitch. Look into Tagboard, the Twitter post viewer they showed.

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