Sending eBooks to the iPad Wirelessly

My coworker, Mark, asked me how I get eBooks onto my iPad today. I told him I had never read an eBook on my iPad and he said I needed to correct this.

Since I store all of my eBooks in my OneDrive account and then manage them with calibre, I will sometimes just open PDFs from the caliber folder using the OneDrive iPad app and read them in Acrobat Reader on the iPad, but it seemed like there should be a better way to read eBooks. I also wanted a good way to read epub files on the iPad.

It turns out that the calibre team already figured out how to do this, so I am leaving the steps I tried here so I will remember them in the future:

  1. Launch calibre on your PC/Mac.
  2. Turn on the Content Server by clicking the Connect/Share button and leave calibre running.
  3. Start the Safari browser on the iPad and type in the IP address and port of the computer running the calibre server, like this:
  4. You will see a list of books in Safari, just click on the epub link for whichever book you want to read, Safari will then prompt you to open it with iBooks.
    1. I had to click the Get button on the calibre web page for the specific book I wanted to transfer to open the book in iBooks.

That’s it! Happy reading.

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