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TFS Quick Tip: Cloaking

In the Source Control Explorer in Visual Studio (VS) 2010 or VS 2012, you can cloak any folder in the source tree that you want to recursively exclude from “Get Latest Version” operations.  Just right-click on the folder, select “Advanced” and “Cloak…”.  VS 2010/2012 will even delete all the local files and folders for those …

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VS2010 Automatically Includes Your Text Files as Resources

When you right-click on your WPF project in Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) and select Add / New Item… / Text File, the “Build Action” on this file is automatically set to “Resource.”  So, when you ship your application, this text file will be embedded within it.  If this was simply meant to be a readme …

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Howto make MySQL & Entity Framework work with your website when your hosting company does not have Connector/Net installed

I installed MySQL’s Connector/Net v6.2 on my dev machine and used the Entity Framework to query a MySQL server without any problems.  Then I uploaded the same code to my hosting company’s server and I kept getting errors telling me “Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider”.  In order to make it work, …

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