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C++ Casting Operators

I often get confused about the different types of C++ casts: dynamic_cast can be used for “upcasting” or “downcasting”

static_cast static_cast conversions are not as safe as dynamic_cast conversions, because static_cast does no run-time type check, while dynamic_cast does. A dynamic_cast to an ambiguous pointer will fail, while a static_cast returns as if …

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Integrate the Windows SDK v7.1 with VS2010

Final Solution: I figured it out!  Open your project in VS2010, select the Project menu and choose Properties…, and click the dropdown next to Platform Toolset.  You can select between v100 (VS2010), v90 (VS2008), and Windows7.1SDK.  Select the 7.1 SDK and click OK.  Now you’re all set.  Note that you can use v90 to build apps …

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