Migrating a Storage Pool from Windows Server 8 Beta to Windows Server 2012 RTM

I had a computer running Windows Server 8 Beta with a Storage Pool using the “Parity” resiliency type.  I installed Windows Server 2012 RTM “over it” (i.e. not an upgrade) and completely lost access to this Storage Pool when the  RTM install completed.  So, using a number of MSDN resources and PowerShell commands, I got the Storage Pool back using the following steps:

    1. Reinstalled Windows Server 8 Beta (Build 8250).
    2. Opened PowerShell as Administrator (i.e. elevated).
    3. Executed the following command:
    4. This showed that I had two Storage Pools available.
    1. The one named “RAID” is the one that I wanted to mount.
    2. I found instructions suggesting that I make it read/write, so I executed the following command:
    3. Executing Get-StoragePool again displayed the following:
    1. Storage Pools are mounted as Virtual Disks and need to be referenced by a Virtual Disk Friendly Name, not a Storage Pool Friendly Name.  To determine which Virtual Disks were available for mounting and their Friendly Names, I issued the following command:
    2. This showed the Virtual Disk’s name to be “RAID5”:
  1. Then I issued the following command to mount the Virtual Disk:
  2. At this point, the disk appeared in “Disk Management” (diskmgmt.msc), but it was offline.
  3. I right-clicked on the area labeled “Disk 6, Basic, … , Offline” and selected “Online”.  Then the drive was mounted to the first available drive letter:
    Disk Management 
  4. Then I went into the D: drive, copied all of the files to another partition, and reinstalled Windows Server 2012 RTM where I could create a new, RTM-compatible Storage Space and copy the data back to it.


This post was migrated from https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/rob/2012/12/18/migrating-a-storage-pool-from-windows-server-8-beta-to-windows-server-2012-rtm/.